Image of Sausage, Feta and Spinach Recipe

Sausage, Feta and Spinach Recipe

Image of Sausage, Feta and Spinach Recipe
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  • If you’re searching for a flavorful pizza, look no further!



  1. Heat oven to 425 degrees. Brush olive oil on crust. Spread sauce onto crust. Spread cooked sausage and cooked bacon slices on crust. Add mushroom and olives, and top with cheese. 
  2. Place pizza in the oven on center rack for 8-10 minutes, just long enough to melt the cheese. Remove from oven and add cilantro. Slice and serve. 

  3. Grilling Instructions
    1. Preheat grill on medium. Place pizza in grill with lid closed for 5-7 minutes on pizza stone or using indirect heat, until toppings are warmed and crust is golden brown.


    If using individual size pizza crust, use 2 tablespoons sauce, 1/3 cup cheese and toppings as desired.